Why do I need to test my vehicle emissions in Arizona?

In Arizona, the law requiring vehicle emissions testing is established by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ). According to ADEQ, vehicles that are registered in certain areas of the state are required to undergo emissions testing as a condition of registration. This is known as the Arizona Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (AVEIP). The program […]

What Is The Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act

What Is The Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act

Air pollution from vehicles has been a significant problem in the US for quite a long time. Although the US has made significant strides in terms of inventions and technological advancement to combat this kind of pollution, it is not yet there. The government has not been left behind in this as it has set […]

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How Do Vehicles Cause Air Pollution

Did you know that the transportation sector emits more than half of the nitrogen oxides in the air? With this kind of emission, we can say that cars, buses, and trucks contribute to human health problems and environmental pollution. The emission from vehicles also adds to the causes of global warming, now a threat to […]