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If your car is licensed in Arizona and you are within the emissions testing areas; Phoenix and Tucson, you must get it inspected for vehicle emissions. You will always receive a notice from the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) every time your vehicle is due for testing. This is a stringent measure by the government to try and reduce ozone and small particulate matter in Arizona. We all know that these two pollutants pose a great risk of health problems to humans when in the environment.

In this guide, you are going to learn everything you need to know about Emissions Testing Locations in Arizona. We have high hopes that this will improve your experience as you get your car tested and at the end of the day make help you contribute in protecting the quality of air in Arizona.

How to find a testing location near your area?

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) runs testing locations spread all over the metropolitan area. Every station has qualified technicians who are trained to perform all the checks your vehicle needs. All the stations have similar working hours but contacting the smog check station before going for the inspection is highly advisable.  

This is because you will know related details such as the requirements and wait times for a given emissions testing location. To know the testing location near you, visit ADEQ’s official website and leverage the location guide provided there to get a testing station that is most convenient for you.

What happens when you drive into an emission testing location?

On picking the emission testing station near your area, you need to arrive there on time since the ‘first come first served’ strategy is used and no appointments are required. On that pivotal day, you will drive into the smog testing checking station probably with the help of a map. On arriving at the station, you will be required to park your car, put it in neutral, or set your emergency brake. In most cases, the following will be done after this:

  • An on-Board-Diagnostic Test- This is done by connecting a computerized gadget that collects certain data to your vehicle. The data is recorded and compared with pre-determined values.

  • A visual check on the engine light- For this, you will be required to ignite your vehicle for the inspector to check if the engine light turns off appropriately. Keep in mind that if the engine light is not working as required, your vehicle will fail the test automatically. This is because a problem with the engine translates to the inefficient burning of fuels that produce toxic and highly polluting components.

  • Other tests depending on your car model and type- If you have a diesel machine, then other tests such as the Opacity test may be needed. Other complementary tests include the IM 147, steady-state loaded, and visual testing to ensure that you have not tampered with any engine or exhaust components. The inspection personnel handling your vehicle should guide you on the need and procedure of these tests.

  • Payment of the inspection- You will be needed to pay for the inspection before you are handed the inspection report. Most stations accept card payments and hence you should carry yours along.

  • Completion of the inspection, data analysis and preparation of the report- All the information is put together in a report that describes whether you have passed or failed the test. A passed test means that you can proceed with your registration or registration renewal. If your vehicle fails the test, you need to have it repaired with the report as the guide, then retested.

All the emissions testing stations in Arizona are dedicated to providing you with premium services regardless of the emission area you come from or the vehicle model you have. This is meant to ensure that driving your vehicle does not pose a risk of pollution to the environment and the organisms living in it. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in Arizona or you are just here for an international job, you deserve to breathe clean air at all times. Without strategies such as mandatory vehicle emission testing, the air could be far much polluted and a major threat to human health. 

The only way you can support the government in this is by visiting the emissions testing location near you when your car is due for inspection. In the future, expect emissions testing locations and services to improve since ADEQ is continually refining all the processes revolving around the inspection process.